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Deftones Hint at an Upcoming Album Release in 2024

Anticipating Deftones’ Spring/Summer 2024 Album Release

Deftones enthusiasts, brace yourselves for a potential musical treat as the iconic band hints at a forthcoming album, possibly hitting the airwaves in the spring or summer of 2024. The revelation surfaced during a recent episode of the Gnostic Academy podcast, where Stephen Carpenter, the band’s guitarist, shared exciting details about their ongoing collaboration with renowned producer Nick Raskulinecz, recognized for his work with Rush, Mastodon, and Alice In Chains.

Renewed Partnership with Nick Raskulinecz

This upcoming album marks Deftones’ third musical venture with Nick Raskulinecz. Their previous collaborations resulted in the creation of the well-received “Diamond Eyes” in 2010 and the equally impressive “Koi No Yokan” in 2012, establishing a strong foundation for what promises to be another stellar production.

Progress Report: Songwriting Sessions Unveiled

Stephen Carpenter provided insights into the band’s current creative endeavors, shedding light on the progress of the songwriting sessions for the eagerly anticipated album. He noted that the initial stages were a bit sluggish, a characteristic tempo for the band, but recently, the momentum has picked up significantly. The guitarist disclosed that they began crafting new material in February, emphasizing their goal to have the entire album completed and ready for release by the targeted spring or summer timeframe.

The Creative Process Unveiled

Curious about how Deftones approach the songwriting process for their latest musical endeavors? According to Carpenter, it’s a dynamic combination of spontaneous jam sessions and collaborative experimentation. The band members engage in free-form musical exploration, allowing ideas to organically develop. Carpenter highlighted how someone initiates a concept, and the collective effort refines and focuses on the most promising elements, giving fans a glimpse into the intricate creative process that defines Deftones’ unique sound.

As we eagerly await the official release date, Deftones aficionados can anticipate a musical journey shaped by the band’s collective artistry and the guidance of an experienced producer. The prospect of a new album from this influential alternative metal band is undoubtedly an exciting prospect for the music scene, and fans can hardly contain their anticipation for what promises to be a captivating addition to Deftones’ illustrious discography.


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